Rachel Zinman, the author of Yoga For Diabetes, has another great yoga practice for us today. It focuses on improving insulin sensitivity and you can pretty much do it anywhere – at home, in your office, etc.

This sequence doesn’t require any previous yoga experience and has alternatives for injuries or restrictions, so anyone can join and benefit from Rachel’s knowledge on how to improve insulin sensitivity through yoga.

Improved insulin sensitivity means that your body becomes more efficient at using the insulin your pancreas produces or you inject, and is something we should all strive for.

For this sequence, you will need a yoga block and a strap. However, you can also use a scarf and a thick book or even a thick cushion.

Rachel recommends that the sequence is done barefoot so you can anchor your feet into the floor in all the postures. However, if you have sensitive feet or don’t like to go barefoot, wear soft indoor shoes.

You can learn more about yoga and diabetes in my post about how yoga affects blood sugar.